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A discovery of gardens of Florence

BOBOLI is spread garden of Palazzo Pitti that extends, on the hill between Pitti palace, and brings strong Belvedere Romana. The typical garden that blends nature and architecture. Along its avenues are hosted sculptures, fountains and bizarre constructions. Of particular interest to the Grotta del Buontalenti, the architect of Francis Doctors and received the title of engineer gardens. The cave, which is located outside the Vasari Corridor, a building consisting of a set of stalactites, marine elements that reproduces the appearance of a cave. For the first four corners of the cave are the casts of Michelangelo prisons, which have replaced the originals in the hour hosted Galleria dell'Accademia. In the second group that represents marble and Elena Paris, Vincent de 'Rossi.

In the third, however, is a fountain of Giambologna where Venus is located four satyrs. Continuing along the avenues meet the statue of Jupiter, fontanina of Bacchino depicting the dwarf Morgante, Jester of Cosimo I, a horse of a turtle. Then the Fountain of Neptune, the statue dell'Abbondanza, in honor of Joan of Austria, wife of Francis Doctors. Then the group Ermete with child Dionysus, G. B. Caccini, the square of the great basin with elliptical populated central island of mythological figures and fantastic.

From the staircase you come to the fountain of monkeys (secc. XVI-XVII) and the Casino of the Knights, wanted by Cosimo III, around 1700, as a place of retreat for his son Gian Gastone, and that since 1973 houses the museum of porcelain. Finally you can; admire the Meridian building that houses the gallery of costume and the imposing obelisk place in front of the palace. In several points of the garden you can enjoy the best views of the city

LE CASCINE constitute the most extensive green area in the city 160 acres of parkland on the edge of Florence which extends in length on the right bank dell'Arno, from the old town at the confluence with the dell'Arno Mugnone. An area rich in green meadows, groves, avenues, monuments and statues with a long history behind it. The park was indeed a vast farm belonged to the Medici by the fifteenth century, then in the eighteenth century was entrusted to Joseph Manetti the task of transforming and making it suitable in celebrations for the settlement of Ferdinand III in 1791. Work renovation and expansion also continued in the nineteenth century when he was called Parks Elysees in Tuscany. Today is a place for excellence of outdoor life of the Florentines. Inside hosts two racecourses, the municipal swimming pool, velodrome, a shooting and tennis courts and football and is an ideal place for cycling or jogging along the lanes.

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